Iphone 7 feedbacks

So I have recently switch to Apple from Samsung…yes once again. There are some great things about this new phone and some things that pisses me off.

Just a little review, do let me know if you also experience the same problems as I do and/or if there are solutions to make it better.


  • Speediness – I must admit that the keyboard on the iphone are always very sensitive. You can feel that your message are being sent instantly most times, unless you are in a tunnel or a location that doesn’t have any signals (also depending on what network you are on, I’m currently using Vodafail)
  • Convenient – pretty much just about any apps you can think of unlike using a Windows phone where nothing is compatible.
  • Battery life…Lasts foreverrrrr. I used to carry a charger to everywhere I go and often charge my phone twice a day. NOW..I only have to charge my phone once every 2 days (depending on usage), this is super great for me. Yesterday I went out for 6 hours in town and when I left my phone was on 40%, came back with 19% left. I mean…its just so much better than it used to be.
  • Water resistance – Apparently it can be immersed up to 1 m depth for approx. 30 minutes, I have not tested this out myself and probably won’t risk it..but hey if i accidentally left it in the wash or drop the phone in the pool, i will not be in a panic.
  • Camera resolutions is better but still no where as good as having a Samsung.
  • Stereo speaker – Yeahhhhh its pretty loud, which is great for people who doesn’t own a hi-fi system.


  • Shifty Apple does not offer storage upgrade, how typical. So if you don’t pay over a thousand dollar, you have the standard model which the storage will run out over time with the irreversible phone upgrades (where it just take up space for every new version that you upgrade your phone to)
  • NO 3.5mm earphone jack – This has been giving the shits.. I have not tried using the wireless headphones just because. So i got this adapter for headphones where Apple reject the accessory, because its not authentic. Who does that ?! Apple.
  • Iphone 7 looks just like the Iphone 6 (why do you even bothered releasing the 7th version)
  • No warranty by Apple for water damage even tho Apple advertises that their phones are water resistance (more like a rumor)

Don’t be like me and purchase the proper headphone adapter from Apple. I will include a link below to help you guys locate the item a bit easier 🙂

Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter

Let me know what you think !




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