How to write a stunning Curriculum Vitae (CV/Resume)

I used to work for a recruitment agency and it is quite normal to go through hundreds of CVs every day and select the most suitable applicants for 1st stage interview. The trick is you don’t write your CV using a hard-to-read font or make the entire CV very colorful because we (recruiters) will have to go back and edit your details in the simplest form using the most basic template.

You will need 3 main sections in your CV.

1 – Your details (don’t put your address or DOB in your CV, it is not necessary). If you are going for a position like “Account manager” or something similar and if you have an English name, please use it instead of your actual name (Only applicable if you are Asians). I used my full name when I applied for jobs and never used to hear back, my old boss told me it was because my name as too Asians and between picking me and an English name person, I would most likely fail to be selected (yes, noted).

2 – Your education details: only include your most important achievements. Eg the name of your Degree, Certifications and the Institution that you got your certifications from. Don’t include unimportant info like your primary school details, high school achievements, unless you are applying for job WHILE you are at school.

3 – Work experience: this is the most important part. You will need to present yourself in a way that will be attractive to your employer. Outline your achievements from your previous work place, specify the time when you worked at that place. Try to make it point form, short and straight to the point.

For example:

  • I have achieved my KPI by 105% for project x.

Instead of,

  • During the time at this company, I worked on project x. My hardworking efforts and determination has allowed me to achieve over and beyond what is expected of me. I was expected to close 5 deals in a period of 1 month. However, I have been able to close 7 deals in a record period blah blah blah…

The above example is too long especially for someone who has been working at more than 5 different places


At the end of your CV, do include 2 referees from the most current 2 jobs that you have been at. this will give you more points and higher chance of being selected. For people with referee’s section left blank, we often just trash the application unless we are desperate to find people to fill a role.

Let me know if you guys would like to see a sample of an approved CV.


Ciaooo for now!


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