5 days breakfast challenge (2mins read)

I have a very round body, so I always try to eat low carbs food but often only lasts a few days.

I challenged myself to have proper breakfast for 5 days in a row and the below is the result. We all got to start some where right πŸ™‚

Day 1 – Coffee with 1 piece of toast

Nice and light.

Day 2 – Scramble egg with 1 apple

This meal was so filling as it have high protein. I had breakfast at 9am and did not have lunch until 1pm.

Day 3 – Oat with banana

This gotta be my favorite, it was so nice. A touch of raw sugar in the oat porridge with banana toppings.

Day 4 – A fruit salad containing 1 green apple, 10 grapes and 1 mandarin with a cup of milk tea with no sugar
Day 5 – Hot chocolate milk with Weetbix

So yeah it was that simple. I will be commencing another 5 days and will show you guys what I have in my up coming posts.

Do it with me πŸ™‚


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