Koi Dessert Bar

Hello Everyone,

It has been a very long time since I have last posted something. It has been a little hectic for me with work and personal life. I have finally taken some time off work and during this time I will be catching up on my blog. I will be sharing all the good things that I have experienced recently.

Last week when I caught up with my girl friends, we went to Koi for dinner and desert. The food here is always good and especially the deserts. The deserts are not too sweet with that little Asian touch, which makes it so perfect!

We got the set menu dinner for $85/per person. I think it was a little pricey but Koi has always aimed to bring their dining experience to the next level. Services was consistent, however I think there is always room for improvement there. One of the staff who served us, mumbles a lot when he serve the meal. 80% of the time we didn’t know what we were eating even though it tasted sensational.

Below are the dishes that we had throughout the night.

We started off with this potty plants looking dish
















Followed by Cottage cheese and Cabbage I think..

(One of my girlfriends don’t eat cheese so the waitress said that let them know next time and they will make a different dish! how awesome is that?!)

Main: Duck with plum and duck donut (my favorite )
Steak and mushroom
First desert dish: something sorbet but it has that citrus taste
This is my fav desert dish. White chocolate with grape and a the ice cream is super light

and here are my complimentary shots:

Deserts are not cheap but super worth it.

Highly recommend you to try it if you are in Sydney or ever come to Sydney!


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