Social Media Impact

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, Zalo, Skype etc has become a dominant part for most of us.

As of the end of 2017, Facebook has a total of 2.07 billion users worldwide and increasing, easily being the largest social networking platform to date. How have this impacted our lives and productivity?

This post is purely based on my opinion and all the impact it has on my life personally and professionally.

Positive Impact

Level of happiness?

I signed up on Facebook for the first time in 2010, having migrated from Bebo at the time, it was still a new form of social media at the time although most people I knew has Facebook. I have family all around the world and we often contact each other every few years via mail. The introduction of Facebook has allowed us to be more involves in one another’s lives. We were keeping up to date with who was getting married, who had their first born, got in touch with my long-lost cousins. My mum was able to have some facetime with her sister in law who live in the U.S. It was good.

At School, we were able to have group works via Facebook instead of having to meet at a location. This was fairly difficult as most of us didn’t have a car, so we had to rely on unreliable public transport.

At university, this became even more convenient, as we all lived in different locations (North, South, East, West…you name it). We used group chats for majority of our group work and usually meet up once a week on the day of class. This was great as I live 1.5 hours away from Uni.

When Facebook became increasingly popular from 2013-14 onwards, I was able to locate my relatives, childhood friends etc. I found my childhood best friend in 2016, that was one of the many highlights I had with FB.

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Happiness around the Globe?

Around the world, people were using Social Media (SM) such as Facebook or twitter to share important messages like fundraising activities political news, searching for missing relatives and friends, buying and selling activities and many more. Eventually, SM like Facebook became a crucial part of our daily lives without realizing it.

Negative impact

As FB become a crucial part of my life and many other people around the Globe, I started finding myself checking for updates on FB soon as I wake up, during the day and before I go to sleep. I could have easily spent about 3-4 hours just looking at random things on FB daily.

This have significantly strained my relationships with the people around me. I started talking less as I spent more time on my phone. I started allowing SM to access my pictures, and other personal details freely as I continue to upload photos of where I go, checked in to locations that I have been, tagging people that I was with. Updating status on makeup/breakup, how I feel, what I want etc etc.. I started having complete strangers following my page, liking all my activities and so on. It was getting a bit full on.

While I was in a relationship, my partner was easily spotted on my SC, news spread quickly to all my relatives etc. I got intro many troubles over that. I guess I learned my lesson the hard way by sharing less and less things about myself socially and created a more personalized sharing portfolio to only the people I want to share with.

The only reason that so many people wishes me a Happy Birthday on my Birthday is because Facebook reminded them. We have basically lost touch with human interaction, and instead substituting with digital platforms.

Around the Globe?

I started seeing people having mental break down when they fail to seek positive comments about how they look, what they do, their social status etc. It was becoming common for people to upload a selfie with the caption “ Omg I look so ugly today”, then you started seeing comments from their circle of friends like:

Omg you are so cute..

Stop it, you’re so pretty

Blah blah all the positive things to cheer them up and make them feel better. And then there goes 1 comment like “yes you are”. End of the world, people began to seek social media acceptance, addicted to likes and comments. It was becoming full on.

I have a few friends that constantly check in everywhere, updating statuses on everything they do, it started to look sad. I don’t know, after all this is my personal opinion.

2018 resolution?

I reduced my SM time tremendously over the last few years and only decreasing, I only use it for purpose now instead of boredom. I become much happier as a result, no joke !

I have started to go do more sightseeing, see more people instead of leaving comments on their page, and most importantly I have started to read more.

And I have loved every moment of it since then.

I have a lot more to tell my family and friends rather than what’s going on, on Facebook.

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